February 24, 2024

Discovering the Rich History and Heritage of the UAE

The UAE is a country which is famous for its panoramic skyline, tall buildings towering over the city and grand multi-storey malls, fast-moving trains and tech-savvy ecosystem. Even after the presence of such magnificent modern marvels, the country has not lost touch with its cultural roots and rich heritage which has helped it blend the contemporary spectacle with the cultural ties. Let us unlock the doors of the hidden historical treasures and uncover the cultural jewels.

  • Uncovering the Ancient archaeological treasure 

UAE is home to many hidden ancient civilizations and archaeological sites that gives us an insight into the past times, lifestyle and culture. The Mysterious ruins of Umm Al Nar and Hili archaeological sites helped in discovering the ancient trade routes, artefacts, traditions and religion. 

  • The Bedouin Legacy

The nomadic culture amid the desert gives today’s world a peek into Emirati culture. It allows visitors to step out of the daily hustle and experience a traditional evening in a sky covered with stars and land covered with golden dust. One can experience the sunsets on camel rides, savour the delicious barbecue dinner, enjoy the traditional drinks with Arabic music and belly dance and get henna tattoos. The deserts of the UAE promise an enriching experience that one can never erase from their memory.

  • The cultural landmark jewels

The stunning and pristine white Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the epitome of Islamic architecture and a treasure of intricate details, beautiful carvings and exquisite craftsmanship. One can witness the country’s historical events at Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain. The country has shown a firm dedication to preserving these valuable jewels of cultural heritage that keep reminding the world of the UAE’s rich history and culture.

  • The rich art and culture 

The rich art and culture of the UAE have not merely grabbed the attention of natives but this Emirati art and craftsmanship has passed generations and different continents. 

The exquisite art of blue pottery and carpet weaving with beautiful and intricate designs has provided livelihood to many local communities and tribal women.

  • Traditional fairs, festivals and celebration

The UAE never fails to showcase the grandeur of its Emirati culture through festivals, fairs, customs, dance and music celebrations. A joyous and vibrant landscape is created amid these celebrations that reflect the acceptance of cosmopolitan culture with open arms yet staying true to their traditional routes.

One can immerse himself in this cultural energy and never feel like an outsider.


It can be said that UAE never fails to grab an opportunity to put on show its traditional art, crafts, history, music, dance and customs. Despite being a front-runner in the race for architectural excellence this country has kept its deep-rooted historical traditions and cultural heritage alive through infinite means. It proposes the world the perfect example of how one can choose a middle path and reach new heights every day while never forgetting its roots and origin. This perfect blend of modern and traditional values makes UAE unique.